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Mar 13, 2012 4:00pm EDT
quote into the murders of 16 afghan citizens, allegedly at the hands of a u.s. soldier. danielle nottingham reports for wjz. the taliban says the u.s. will pay. >> reporter: chanting "death to america," protestors in afghanistan burned an effigy of president obama. they are demanding a public trial for the u.s. soldier accused of killing 16 people, including women and children. the soldier, a 38-year-old father of two, is in custody. president obama assured the afghan people there will be justice in this case. >> the killing of innocent civilians and outrageous and it's unacceptable. it is not who we are as a country. and it does not represent our military. >> reporter: the taliban has promised revenge. tuesday, militants opened fire on a government delegation attending a memorial service for the victim. an afghan soldier was killed. >> reporter: the u.s. is pulling 23,000 soldiers out of afghanistan by september. it is part of the obama administration's plan to get most troops out by 2014. >> reporter: the new york times is reporting that the white house is considering speeding up the withdrawal.
FOX News
Mar 26, 2012 2:00am PDT
quote by what he told the u.s. times reporter off camera. he said quit distorting my words. it's bull blank. he leased a statement. i was aggressively attacked by a new york times reporter all too ready to defend two of them and ready to disport my words. it's ti >> santorum decided to use the confrontation with the new york times to benefit himself. he says the subscription to new york times costs 30 bucks. he hopes folks will forego their subscription and donate the 30 bucks to the campaign. >> you hear pundits saying
FOX News
Mar 29, 2012 2:00am PDT
quote 't come right away. >> joining us is peter doocy. >> we are not going to know the ruling until near the end of the session until sometime in june. the grand finale of the hearings were arguments about -- the justices were trying to figure out whether or not obama care can survive at all if the individual mandate which is the heart of the law and would force every american to buy health insurance starting in 2014 or pay a penalty if struck down. the conservative justices were skeptical and liberal justices say something with this law is better than nothing. >> can you give us a prior case that resembles this one in which
FOX News
Mar 23, 2012 2:00am PDT
quote remarks when he said we use 20 percent of the world's oil and only produce 2 percent. we actually produce 11.6 percent which makes us the third largest supplier behind saudi arabia and russia. they described the 2 percent number refers to our proven eligible reserves. >> proven the key word. you need to look behind the mother to get the real story. >> that is a topic people are talking about this morning. rush limbaugh says the president is taking credit for something he has nothing to do with.
Mar 4, 2012 10:00am PST
>>> coming up, weaponized drones have become a key tool in the us arsenal. but is it moral to use them? >>> and an inner-city religious school in chicago with a new model for survival. >>> plus, how many eastern orthodox christians fast during their great lent. >>> welcome. i'm kim lawton, sitting in for bob abernethy. thank you for joining us. >>> a critical week ahead in the gop presidential primaries. on super tuesday, contests will be held in ten states. faith-based voters are especially key for the two front-runners. in this past week's michigan primary, mitt romney, who is mormon, got 45% of the roman-catholic vote, while rick santorum, who is catholic, got 30%. but santorum continues to do much better among evangelicals. in michigan, 51% of white evangelicals voted for him, compared to only 35% who voted for romney. >>> faith-based relief organizations are among those delivering food, water and emergency aid to victims of the severe weather that hit the midwest and south. several people died and hundreds were injured in a series of tornados that swept through at least five
FOX News
Mar 28, 2012 2:00am PDT
quote . >> still in fbi custody. tell us about what. >> the captain remains in the hands of fbi this morning. this was a terrifying situation for folks. try to put yourself in the minds of the traveler this cell phone video showing it all the captain being tackled after ranting and
FOX News
Mar 23, 2012 2:00am PDT
quote . is there a place for partisan politics in the classroom. >> at the time us at 30ks
Mar 11, 2012 12:30pm PDT
, the northwest crisis response network, the samoan community development center, the sunset use services, larkin street center for young women development, the omega boys club, with its director year, dr. marshall, the japanese community youth center, the institute of familia, the boys and girls club, the international studies high- school, the united playas, sfpd teen/young adult form, the referral center, the truancy assessment referral center, downtown high school, the advisory board, horizons unlimited, the jewish vocational services, and others, so you can see we have a lot of groups in this town that are dedicated, and it is a very diverse group. an announcement here. an announcement to make from the sheriff's department. vehicles parked in front of city hall, 1050 and 1192 need to be removed. i am just passing that along. we are going to move into public comment, because we want to hear from the kids first, to hear what you are thinking, and then we will hear from the organizations to have participated in making this a great city for youth, and then we will hear from the police department
Mar 4, 2012 10:30am PST
heart in san francisco." tony, it is wonderful for you to be here and grace us and honor us with your presence. your 17 grammys are just so unprecedented. you just won two more this past week, and what a wonderful career. congratulations, tony. i want to thank our school of the arts. i want to thank our boys and girls choruses. thank you. wonderful performances. it is a fitting tribute that our boys and girls choruses and ouryouth -- our yout are here today to perform because they reflect tony's dedicated career to ensure the future of arts education. we have seen what he has done and seen what his support is, and he is encouraging youth to be leaders on and off the stage, to make sure they grow up with the values and the shared values that he has. this is such a wonderful opportunity. i also want to thank some of the school kids especially here today. we have kids from our tenderloin community school. thank you for being here. [applause] all right. we also have, for the first time, at the request of -- the idea ofcesa -- that cesar chavez elementary school wanted us to webcast this l
Mar 22, 2012 9:30am EDT
't know sought to convince u.s. and nato trieps are making significant progress in the effort to turn security operations over to the afghans themselves. local security forces a key ingredient in the u.s. withdrawal plan. we expect to hear his testimony shortly live here on c-span3.. >>> good morning, everybody. the committee meets this morning to receive testimony on the progress on the campaign of afghanistan. our witnesses are dr. jim miller, acting underbe secretary of defense and john allen, commander of u.s. forces afghanistan. a warm welcome and thanks to you both. i'm going to interrupt at this moment to take care of some nominations because we have kworum present. our troops in afghanistan are being asked to perform demanding and often dangerous missions and they're carrying them out superbly and professionally. general allen, on behalf of the committee, please pass along our unwavering support for our military men and women serving with you in afghanistan, our gratitude for their courageous and dedicated service and the support of their families. talking about families, i kn
Mar 26, 2012 9:00pm EDT
that jackson vannic is a very useful anti-american propaganda tool. as they stated, provides a tool that help, quote, to depict the united states as hostile to russia using outdated cold war tools to undermine russia's international competitiveness. end quote. repealing jackson vannic takes way this tool and opens russia to u.s. competition, to ideas and transparency. these activists have all raised serious questions about russia's human rights and democracy record. i share these questions. but like the activists, i believe that pntr should not be in question. we owe it to american businesses, ranchers, and farmers working to increase exports to the growing russian market. we owe it to u.s. workers whose jobs depend on those exports and we owe it to the russian activists who are asking for our help in their fight for democracy. so let's embrace this opportunity for our economy and for american jobs. in the spirit of catherine the great, let us move forward with that which we can all agree. let's work together to pass russia pntr. >> senator kyl? >> thank you, mr. chairman. i think that i unde
Feb 29, 2012 7:00pm PST
a diplomatic impasse over pyongyang's nuclear program. the u.s. state department and north korea's foreign ministry made the announcement almost simultaneously. follows talks last week in beijing on the north's nuclear issues. the leadership announced it will suspend nuclear testing, firing long-range ballistic missiles, and enriching uranium at the nuclear complex. and it will allow the international atomic energy agency to inspect facilities. in return, the u.s. will supply the country with 240,000 tons of food with the prospect of more in the future. the u.s. stopped supplying the aid three years ago. north korean officials want to hand out food by mid-april. residents will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of the country's founder kim il-sung. the officials say their u.s. counterparts have promised to drop their hostile stance and want to move forward on an equal footing. secretary of state hillary clinton says u.s. officials will move cautiously. she told a congressional panel that the administration still has profound concerns. nhk world reports from washington. >> i said
Mar 1, 2012 8:30pm PST
's true for when you graced us -- our town of san francisco our golden sun will shine on new -- you ♪ [applause] mr. bennett. ♪ it only takes a tiny corner of this great big world to find a place that you love you have brought us so much joy you are a golden boy we love to have you here in our great towner of -- town of san francisco open your golden gates san francisco here is your wondering words singing other places only make me love you better you are the heart of all the gold in the world san francisco welcome me home again i'm coming home ♪ [applause] >> keep the applause going for the fabulous lisa malone. that was just terrific. [applause] i almost wore the same thing today. [laughter] would have been so awkward. [laughter] no, she was fantastic. now, everyone, without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome our host, the 43rd mayor of the city and county of san been cisco, the honorable edwin m. lee -- the 43rd mayor of the city and county of san francisco. [applause] mayor lee: wow, welcome to city hall. and thank you, beach blanket babylon. what a wonderfu
Mar 8, 2012 9:30am EST
and foreign intelligence operated in largely independent spheres, but those who attacked us on september 11th chose military and civilian target s and it became immediately clear that no single agency could address these threats because no single agency has all of the necessary tools. to counter this enemy aggressively and intelligently, the government had to draw on all of its resources and to radically update its ase result agencies are better postured to work together to address a range of emerging national rilawyers, analysts at the department of justice work closely with our colleagues across the national security community to detect and to disrupt terrorist plots, to prosecute suspected terrorists and to identify and implement the legal tools necessary pple . unfortunately the fact and the extent of this cooperation are often overlooked in the public debates. but it's something that this administration and the previous one -- and the previous one -- can be proud of. as part of this coordinated effort, the justice department plays a key roll in conducting oversight to ensure that the int
Mar 2, 2012 9:00pm PST
that allowing that to the conditional use process provides a much more transparent and direct way for property owners to go through that process. with bike parking, four different items under that. the first one is pretty easyb prettyike -- the first one is easy. bike parking is currently included in estimations for clothes for its area. this received penalty and could encourage more bike parking to be put into buildings. the second one, for some reason that the zoning administrator invoices -- in forces bike parking regulations. it would change the code to have bike parking be enforced as we normally and force a bike parking. it would be the same as in the other planning code violation. the one recommendation that we're asking for in this is that since it is our department doing the work in forcing our code, we think that any money collected she got to us and not the mta's bicycle program. the third one, bicycle parking, is required when you construct a new commercial building or when the commercial building is in large and has construction costs of at least $1 million. the change would requi
Mar 16, 2012 12:30am PDT
, and it is a pleasure to have them and allowing us to use their chambers. thank you to supervisor campos for his leadership on this issue, and it is always a pleasure to have many city department leaders and youth, stakeholders. thank you, chief, from dcyf, claudia anderson with eastern support services, tara reagan, paul. i am glad we have many influential players in the chamber tonight. i also want to set the tone of tonight's meeting. i am personally very interested to hearing all of your genuine experiences you have had in the past, however we do want to keep the conversation moving forward, so therefore, i believe the theme, the concept that we are trying to set or atone is let's advocate, let's advocate as individuals, as individuals who have experience, whether it is negative interactions with police, let's attach it to your experiences and story by identifying the root problems that we have and also providing solutions so that we can learn from each other, and also, we would like to hear the positive outcomes that have occurred with youth and police officers, so please share those so tha
Mar 6, 2012 6:00am EST
. if they do not get a trial, what will they do with us when we get a trial? he decided family members were also collaborating with him, so they killed but a family member. turns out it was his 16-year-old son. this does not go over well, and i think we need to be aware of it, because this is the way it starts. they do it secretly for a while and we do not know about it, and then they change the law and make it lib did it. now they are saying the law permits it. to add insult to injury, congress passed the national defense authorization act. , and that was signed into law on january 1. this repeals -- that is as the president can use his military to arrest any american who they think is a suspect. the only definition is associated forces. associated with someone who might be causing a criminal act. no charges made. you can be arrested and held without a trial, without an attorney, put in a secret prison indefinitely. that became the law of the land. right now how many people? i do not know, there has been a few. these of the things we have to address. if we allow them to slip by, sometimes
FOX News
Mar 23, 2012 2:00am PDT
quote for joining us. it is friday march 23rdrd. you are watching "fox & friends first". >> it is time now for your 5@5:00. an investigation into the shooting death of trayvon martin. the chief police stepped away from the case. thousands attended a valley led by reverend al sharpton. he was shot and killed by neighborhood watch captain george zimmerman last month. still a free man claiming self
Mar 22, 2012 3:30pm PDT
quote of the blood thinner plavix. dr. jerry avorn studies prescription drug use. >> the presumption is, well, you're 80-something years old. no wonder you're dizzy. no wonder you're forgetful. no wonder you're not able to get out of bed in the morning when in fact it might not be because you're getting old but because you're having a drug side effect. >> reporter: some primary care doctors are trying a new approach, bringing pharmacists, like sonia freitas, from behind the counter to the office did you ever look at a bottle and say i didn't even know you were taking this. >> oh, yes, oh, yes, that happens a lot. that happens a lot. it happened to me earlier today before this session. could you just explain to me how you use it. >> reporter: the day we visited she sat down with martin and reviewed ever single drug. >> you want to separate the dose, so if you take one in the morning you should wait until later at dinner to take the second dose. >> reporter: it turned out, martin may not be using her inhalers properly. >> so we're going to give it a couple of days' try to do something a little diffe
Mar 20, 2012 7:00pm PDT
boycott of iran. the u.s. government has exempted japan and ten other countries from its financial sanctions against iran. the u.s. says these nations have significantly reduced their imports of iranian crude oil. u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton announced the didition in a statement tuesday. the statement says japan and ten european countries, including france and germany, will be exempted from the measure. the u.s. enacted a law last year that effectively bars financial institutions from its domestic market if they do business with the iranian central bank. the move is aimed at blocking countries from importing crude oil from iran. japan imports nearly 10% of its oil from iran. it has been urging the u.s. to exempt japanese firms from the sanctions. a senior u.s. official says japan reduced its crude oil purchases from iran by 15% to 22% in the latter half of 2011, despite the accident at the fukushima daiichi nuclear plant. the official adds that japan understands the purpose of the u.s. law. japanese companies are having to adjust for the changes. ai uchida joins me with
Mar 29, 2012 9:30am EDT
education and an all of the above strategy for developing domestic energy resources. the u.s. economy has considerable long-run strengths that will put us in good stead as long as we build on our strengths and take the necessary actions to make the economy more inoaf vative and our workforce more highly skilled. this point was made very clearly by president obama. in his speech in kansas he noted that, quote, the world is shifting to an innovation economy and nobody does innovation better than america. no one has better colleges, nobody has better universities, nobody has a greater diversity of talent and ingenuity. no one's workers or entrepreneurs are more driven or more daring. the things that have always been -- >> and we're going to break away from the last few minutes of this program. can you of course watch it on our web site in its entirety at we take you live back to capitol hill. a recent triple a survey find gas has risen an average of over 30 cent as gallon. we see the senate energy committee getting ready to hear from independent analysts and governme
Mar 15, 2012 3:30pm EDT
again by the $50 light bulb and the places where it's already being used and already spending money, that technology. >> sure, the l.e.d.s, because they last so long, 10, 20,000 hours, if you're in a place which leaves these bulbs on a long time, an exit sign, an emergency commit sign -- >> uh-huh. >> -- sometimes in office buildings they are left on for eight, ten hours and there are very high ceilings and so you would have to hire someone with a crane to go up and change that light bulb, traffic lights, another good example. they are on all the time. in those instances already know that switching out i can des sense light bucks for l.e.d.s makes commercial sense today. the idea of the light bulb contest was to provide for a goal going further down to get a light bulb that eventually miles an hours can afford. and, you know, no one expects to pay $60 for a light bulb. and quite candidly, if you're -- you fill your house with light bulbs like that, given that they last that long, they should be part of your will. >> well, i think we'll end on that. i just wish that when we -- when w
Mar 4, 2012 7:00pm EST
tube, twitter and 4 square. follow us every week online at . >> hosted by our comcast cable partner, c-span's local content vehicle recently visited many sites in shreveport. louisiana's 30 largest city. learn more about shreveport all weekend long on american history tv. >> we are in the doctor's office here. pioneer medicine is a long stretch from what it is today. modern medicine of course has just evolved over the short amount of time where as the pioneer medicine stayed stagnant for a while without a lot of changes. it was still pretty archaic and some of the things they were doing from early on. they were doing blood letting and using leaches and doing things that modern medicine has frowned upon and come full circle. you consider the things that we take for granted today when we go to the doctor for things like the instruments being as germ-free as possible or the doctor has washed his hands before he decides to work on us. the tools are sterilized. modern pain killers and anesthetics. a lost these things were nowhere even on the radar yet for the doctor
Mar 10, 2012 7:30pm PST
, but i'm more excited to work hard with us. there is a lot more to do. there will be efforts that will try to hold us back as a society, but we have to continue moving forward. we cannot let the kind of radio talk-show host and things like that hold us back. i, too, have to express my personal shock how such a vicious language could be used. when someone is invited to present their expertise as a law student about the needs for women. it has been spoiled to be in san francisco because this is often our culture, to listen and to follow up with the articulation from advocates and people who served in all kinds of government and business, educational institutions, the private sector and the public sector, to listen carefully to the names of our children. to not only survive, but to go beyond that and succeed. i'm often reminded who holds half of the sky up in this city. i am going to continue inviting all of you -- i am speaking to the women here who do have experience and knowledge and foresight to advise me and my administration of how we can do better. nationally, locally, an
Mar 25, 2012 11:00pm PDT
>> i should not be on stage. when you should be seeing -- i am used to the stage but not. that is who should be on stage. i am an animator. i am with picks are animation studios. in some ways, i felt comfortable being on stayed behind my computer. it is weird for me to be on the microphone. i have a lot of work to do but i am here to explain that, i'll come to that later. i wanted knowledge some of our special guests this morning. first off, i have some flashcards. how wanted acknowledged and the asian art museum director jay tsu. when i think of jay hsu, i think, aka dr. j. he is master of the universe. also, i never thought had -- would have the opportunity to introduce the mayor of san francisco, mayor ed lee. i just a to introduce the mayor. that is awesome. we also have a bunch of other special guests today. i would also like to introduce david chiu, president of the board of supervisors. thank you for coming. the mayor does not come along. he has a policy. supervisor carmen chu is also with us. we are also lucky enough to have supervisor mark farrell as well. maybe
Mar 14, 2012 4:30am PDT
forth the terms and conditions under which sfusd will allow the sfpuc to use certain sfusd sites for the purpose of installing, operating, and maintaining solar power projects. >> thank you, commissioners. barbara hale, assistant general manager for power. this will allow my staff and the staff of the unified school district to work together to identify good rooftops that the school district owns to install a solarpv o pv on and provide additional renewables generational resources here in san francisco. i am happy to answer any questions you may have. >> commissioners? >> i would like to move the item. >> thank you. >> i do have a question. i know that this does not authorize the building of any particular installation. in that eventuality, who winds up paying for the solar? >> the solar installation would be paid for by the puc. it would be owned and operated by gas. the generation from that system would be meters. the school district would pay for the productions, for the generation they are using. they would pay, at the same rate -- it would pay, but did they say, at the same
Mar 27, 2012 9:30am EDT
member of the panel for being with us, commend you for your service to this country and urge you to continue to look for ways to improve what you and your agencies are able to do to better serve and better spend more efficiently spend and use the taxpayers' money to provide a safe transportation environment for all of us. again, thank you for being here and we're done. >>> this is c-span3. with politics and public affairs programming throughout the week and every weekend, 48 hours of people and events telling the american story on american history tv. get our schedules and see past programs at our web sites. and you can join in the conversation on social media sites. >>> we are live this morning on capitol hill as the senate armed services committee will hear from military commanders who are in charge of cyberspace, missile defense, the nation's nuclear arsenal, space operations and other areas. cyber command was created in 2010 to develop crippling cyber attacks on the u.s. this hearing should get under way shortl >>> good morning, everybody. today's hearing continues a series o
Mar 3, 2012 5:30pm EST
and the involvement of each one of us. this conflict is the reason why most of you are in uniform. and some of you will be going overseas. service men. families of service men and civilians working for the department of defense. because of this conflict, many of you are already abroad. more than a million americans in 91 foreign countries. first and foremost of course, americans are overseas to help preserve the peace. by maintaining an alert readiness to meet the threat of aggression, america's armed forces in concert with those of its allies are serving as a deterrent to war. some of you may wonder how directly involved in the contest you are. or will be. perhaps your active duty is behind you or soon will be. and with it, you may believe your involvement in the contest ends. but the truth is that involvement in this conflict is far ranging indeed. it touches not only members of the armed forces and their families, but everyone who supports the mission of the armed forces. every defenserkw[,every taxpayerwho footswhe bill,ho in ft is not]nvolved. and the conflict itself, how can it be define
Mar 14, 2012 3:00pm PDT
.7 million special prop funds. that was one-you're only. we also used for sustainability finance so we can find at a higher level. -- funds so we could fund at a higher level. we will use our sustainability funds for both of those years to bring it up to about 7.2, 7.3. the fiscal year 12-13 is the first year of our new strategic plan. in our new strategic plan, we cut $1.2 million. we do, though, anticipate that we may bring in more state money. i will talk to you a little bit about that. ok. so the next slide shows our overall expenditures and how we use our sustainable plan. it is just another diagram. we will be using more and more of your fund balance. -- our fund balance. this slide is going to show you how the total of more spending, major allocation is to preschool. 70% of the overall budget. ? zthy resource centers, at 8% to health, to% to evaluation, 3% to evaluation. -- administration. we are seeing next year, we will have a 9.6 decrease in our staffing. we are not filling some of our positions. the next slide will tell you more about our preschool inve
Mar 20, 2012 4:30pm EDT
either of us to allow the development of an oppression that we are pulling apart at the wto, we have to stay focused on our shared commitment to the value of the institution and to of the response sorries of some of our -- the u.s. and the eu need to re-enforce each other in insisting that the wto must remain true to its fundamental missions, liberalizing trade and generating enforceable rules that provide equal trading. our partnership with the eu on wt affairs is strong but we can always do better. and it helps immensely that the chamber are -- i should mention that the exploration currently under way in the u.s.-e.u. -- to what we are trying to rebuild multilat tray local. this trance -- trans-atlantic economic -- obviously there's a lot more work to be done. but it's-awareness that whatever we do bilaterally can and should re-enforce the mission at the multilateral level. let me try to provide a perspective on some of the current focal points of the wto, building on the discussion earlier today. the enthusiasm within this group for the initiative we are exploring for interna
Mar 15, 2012 11:00am EDT
. the concern that so many of us have is that the allegations against mr. allen are -- are, unfortunately, not isolated in alaska. we have had a great deal of concern about sex trafficking within the state with young native women, and i look at what has happened with the bill allen case and the government's failure to prosecute bill allen sends an awful message, just an awful message to -of-preside predators that are out there. if you are a young native american, have don't stand a chance when victimized by a person of political influence and financial means. and we worry about the situation of sex trafficking, and, again, if an individual doesn't feel that there is any recourse out there, it makes the situation pretty tough. so this goes even beyond the bill allen investigation. i know that you've got good folks within the fbi that are working these issues. i've met with them. i've talked with them, but, again, i think this is something that needs further attention to detail, and if you can give me your assurance that you will look into that, i would certainly appreciate it. >> yes, and
Mar 15, 2012 4:00pm EDT
to quickly -- u.s. companies their workers and shareholders receive the benefits from the outset of russia's long-awaited wto membership. i'll be pleased to respond to any questions that the committee may have. >> thank you. >> chairman baucus, senator kyle and distinguished members of the committee, thank you for the opportunity to testify today on a subject that i feel is of critical importance, the opportunity to grow the u.s. economy and u.s. jobs by establishing u.s. trade relations with russia. i'm a u.s. citizen born and raised in new york, i joined ge in 1991 and for the past 13 years have been living and working in russia. for the peace six years, i have served as chairman of the chairman of commerce in russia. so i've been in a unique position to witness firsthand the dramatic changes russia has undergone in such a short period of time almost 1.2 million in u.s. origin ofrds in russia, up from 410 million in 2010. it's suppliers in the united states and we believe that our sales with pntr could triple by 20 to. russia is looking to -- ge health care will see tariffs fall from 15%
Mar 21, 2012 7:30pm PDT
or whatever, that is not in conflict with what you're doing? >> no. >> it's not a conflict for us. >> are you open year-round, and do you have a brochure? >> yes! [laughter] >> i think it's interesting, because we've just been through a session on judaism - the ancient myths and rituals stories - and both starhawk and margot adler - came out of intellectual, atheistic, radical jewish families. they are, in a sense, the contemporary flowering of judaism, in the sense that they are returning to very ancient roots, that old rock upon which all the world's religions, i believe, have been based. >> now which changes not. >> huh? >> now which changes not. >> ah, yes. >> well, the jewish tradition, in other words, is fulfilled in both margot adler and starhawk - they're both jewish. >> yes. >> that's the point i made. >> yeah, and i think that does also fit - back with judaism, we were talking about different interpretations of the genesis story, the alienation story, and i love your myth about leaving the fires, leaving it and going out and becoming, so that more relationship could happen, more int
Mar 17, 2012 1:00pm PDT
's using the bicycle. i'm told that the netherlands is very typical on this. we have more women on bikes then -- than men. and the most intense users are girls from the age of 12 to 18 and that's easy to explain because i once was a girl of that age and to me, mabika was my ticket to freedom. i didn't want my mom and dad bringing me by car somewhere and then say well, i'll pick you up at 6:00. i go on my bike and i'll try to make it at 6:00. most of the time i was there. 6:30. and then later you can see at all ages, women still use the bicycle more than then -- men, in their 30's to 50's. and how far do they go? still, the girls are top of this list and they use the bicycle for seven kilometers per day. and then you can see that it goes down fast but still, oh, here men are cycling further. so the men that are using the bicycles cycle further than the women and that is explained by the fact that women mostly work near their homes and men commute over a longer distance. we did a survey on emotion that people felt when they were traveling -- were driving the streets or riding and we asked
Mar 1, 2012 1:00pm PST
you. i had no idea. >> good afternoon, commissioners. i am with san francisco neighborhood land use and housing. i want to thank supervisor chu for agreeing to the change recommended by the staff that would limit conversions of noncompliance structure to units. as far as the powers of the za, mr. sanchez, has that changed? scott sanchez: i believe the supervisor identified that as a phase to change. -- pahse two -- phase two change. >> if i could just make a clarifying statement -- i mistakenly called both 4 a and b. we have so far only addressed 4z. we will -- addressed 4a. we will address 4b when we conclude. president fong: is there any other public comment? commissioner miguel: mr. starr, a greatly appreciated your memo that came last night. in order to view it a little more succinctly, i am going to go through the memo and ask questions in that manner. on the transfer of development rights, i have no problem at all. i like the way it is going. on limited commercial use, you are using a date of january 1, 1960. what is the reason for that particular date? scott sanchez: maybe i
Mar 11, 2012 4:00am EDT
today on u-s farm report... questions about south american production made this we >>> south american production made this week's supply and demand report hot news. kansas farmers welcome possibilities with new regulations to reserve press/public precious water resources. and our roundtable market trouble to north dakota to debate commodity price trends. us farm report is brought to you by the endless weed control system, and by the 2012 chevy silverado hd. >>> hello and welcome to us farm report. i'm john pitts. while most farmers were puzzling out the friday world supply and demand numbers there was an even bigger report released. after oblong slow, job creation seems to be gaining steam. to me the most interesting statistic was the number that could change, the unemployment number at 8.3%. that was strangely good news because it indicates him discouraged workers are looking for jobs again. unemployment depresses demand for farm products, especially proteins. more people also working needs more tax revenue which is good for the deficit. so after you've given up trying to f
Mar 15, 2012 5:00am EDT
around the world this morning, in the u.s. equity markets reach multiyear highs, the nasdaq registering its highest close since november of 2000 while the dow breaks through 2007 levels. >>> the imf commits to a bailout while investors are expect ed t give strong support to today's spanish debt auction. >>> in asia one of beijing's rising stars, gets the boot sending political shock waves across china. >>> good morning. you're watching "worldwide exchange" with christine tan, beccy meehan. a look at u.s. futures and how we're poised for trade on wall street this morning. it does look like we're going to open higher. the dow would see a 21-point gain and the nasdaq higher by six is and the s&p 500 higher by two. this, of course, after stocks finished yesterday mixed after tuesday's big rally. we saw the dow closing at that high level since 2007, that was december 31st 2007. the nasdaq closing at its highest since november of 2000. the dow up for six consecutive days. we saw the leader in american express, ibm, boeing. they took us higher. i do want to note on the s&p 500 it was i.t. and
Mar 19, 2012 11:00am EDT
with my colleagues to take your questions. >> we'll have more live events coming up for you. join us today at 3:00 p.m. eastern for a hearing on the impact and treatment of traumatic brain injuries. with a look at federal, state, and private efforts to prevent and treat such injuries. live at 3:00 p.m. eastern on c-span3. >>> and the road to the white house winds through illinois tomorrow. join us for election results and candidate speeches as the polls close here on the c-span networks. >>> and our facebook question of the day involves the 2012 campaign. we're asking you about women voters in the republican party. we welcome your comments at >>> this is c-span3 with politics and public affairs programming throughout the week. and every weekend, 48 hours of people and events telling the american story on american history tv. get our schedules and see past programs at our websites. and you can join in the conversation on social media sites. >>> the japanese ambassador to the u.s. says his government still has concerns over the damaged fukushima nuclear power
Feb 29, 2012 8:00pm EST
is reported and investigated. let's say a sexual assault occurs on the high seas involving a u.s. citizen. who has jurisdiction over this crime? how would the jurisdiction be determined? who is able to make an arrest? >> for a crime of that nature, the process would be the cruise lines would report it. it would go to the fbi, there would be investigation by the fbi, typically in conjunction with coast guard investigators, the fbi would post the result ares, once the case is final, we would put it on our portal, but we are posting closed cases. so what you see is low numbers, they are closed cases. there are more cases that are still open, still under investigation, not closed out. so that is not representative of the total. >> that is not representative on the portal at all some. >> no. >> a key element of the law was to give the public information on the crime on cruise ships. i hope the coast guard and fbi are doing everything that they can to have complete information. thank you very much. >> thank you. mr. frenthal? >> i apologize for arriving late of course i had a fema haring in another
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